3 Butterfly One Color Lace Bookmark
3 Butterfly One Color Lace Bookmark

3 Butterfly One Color Lace Bookmark

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Part of our The Shadow Sister butterfly bookmark collection!

Each bookmark is about six inches tall by two inches wide. If the design features a ribbon, the ribbon has been cut about five inches. We are slowly converting all our pictures to new bookmark designs with tassels instead of ribbons. We will use the closest color that matches. 

(The book modeling our bookmarks is The Shadow Sister by Lily Meade. It debuts on June 27, 2023! We highly recommend it as it is Laurie's daughter's debut young adult novel! It is available for preorder already. Lily.la/theshadowsister)

If your chosen bookmark sells out, do not fear! Feel free to message us with suggestions or questions or colors we don't currently have listed.

Be aware that your bookmark, while stitched in the same design as pictured, may not look exactly like the featured photo due to different thread colors. Some may feature different color choices or have a lighter color scheme, some darker. We also continue to update with new color options!