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“Super cute and very comfortable. I’ve been using mine for a few months and love it! It’s easy to both hand wash and machine launder and hasn’t lost structure or comfort from doing either. I typically slide a coffee filter in for extra protection. Easy to mold to your nose.”

@KayeSpivey on Twitter


"These are the best masks I've bought! I love that they fit closely around the edges, while still having enough structure to make them comfortable for long periods. I've thrown them in the wash many times and they're holding up great."

Ari - @readerofbooks27 on Twitter


"I've bought 2 masks, received them quickly and they've helped continue getting groceries and take out here in the Seattle area where we have a mask mandate. I've washed my masks many times since I got them in April. They're durable and comfortable. Thank you!"

@BethanyRobison on Twitter


"I love these masks! They're well made with cotton and the wire nose bridge really helps. Thank you for these great masks!"

@JulienneGrey on Twitter


"Love how cute and functional these masks are! They are easy and breathable. They also hold up great in the wash. Lovely sellers!"

@VeronicaBane on Twitter