Shipping Policy:

We try to get orders shipped within two weeks of the initial order date. A large influx of orders could slightly lengthen this timeframe.

We recommend you factor in an additional day or two to that estimate if you make a large order or one with a custom request.

Our shipping rates are flat, so they stay the same whether you order one mask or ten in a single order.

For shipping within the United States, we offer Basic ($5) or Priority ($8). You will be prompted for your choice on the checkout page.

We can ship internationally. Here are our current rates: Canada ($15), United Kingdom ($15), Germany ($15). At this moment, due to government issues outside our control, rates for Australia or New Zealand are $70. We are aware this is high, but have no other method currently to get your items to you. We understand if this means you can’t shop with us until this changes.

If you are outside these areas but would still like to order, please email us at lauriemakesmasks(at)gmail and we will give you a better estimate.

We proudly ship exclusively with the United States Postal Service.


Laurie Makes Masks is a Black Owned Business. Laurie, the seamstress, is the only member of our family who is white. We proudly support Black Lives Matter (you can order BLM masks from the Custom Mask product page).

Do you do custom sizing or requests?

Yes, we do! Please refer to our sizing chart to see if our sizing will work for you (it should for most people) but for an additional fee, we can do custom sizing.

We can also do adjustable elastic or tie fastenings, too. If you’d like any custom request, make sure to click the appropriate drop down in the Extras field on the Custom Product page.


Can you make other styles of masks? Can you promise this will keep me from getting sick?

In the future, we may offer other styles, but we have received a lot of positive feedback about our current style and we are confident in its effectiveness in meeting COVID prevention guidelines for protection. Again, masks are a precaution but not a guarantee. The only sure fire way to avoid infection is isolating at home with limited outside contact. For more information on this, please visit the CDC information page on COVID.

Do you have pets?

We have two dogs, one hypoallergenic. Neither is allowed near our production line or sewing room and we go over all orders with a lint roller before shipment.

We do not have any cats.